Working Groups

The Equator Principles (EP) Association Working Groups are created by the EP Association Steering Committee to discuss and provide guidance to Equator Principles Financial Institutions (EPFIs) and/or their stakeholders on issues associated with the management, administration or development of the EPs.

EPFIs are not required to join a Working Group, however, they are encouraged to do so if they have any specific expertise or interest, and believe they can contribute.

There are currently eight EP Association Working Groups and their remits in brief are:

EP4 CoordinationING and J.P. Morgan Chase & co.Coordination of the review and update of the EPs. See
Designated Countries Working GroupCiti and Crédit Agricole CIBThe goal of the Designated Countries Working Group is to re-examine the distinction between Designated (High Income OECD) and non-Designated countries in the EPs and ensure that we still apply a robust environmental and social risk assessment framework globally.
Capacity Building & Training Working GroupING Bank and Banco SantanderThe Capacity Building & Training Working Group is responsible for the development, and facilitation of, learning and knowledge sharing opportunities within the EP Association that support EP Association Members in their understanding and implementation of the EP.
ConsistencyExport Development Canada (EDC) and MUFG Bank, LtdThe Consistency Working Group supports EPFIs in the application and implementation of the EP by developing guidance and managing implementation queries.
ScopeUKEFReview the scope of applicability of the Equator Principles as part of the EP update process
External RelationsEP Association Steering CommitteeThe External Relations Working Group provides the overarching structure for the management of the EP Association’s engagement and communication with external parties and stakeholders.
BiodiversityCiti and CIFIThis Working Group engages with the International Finance Corporation regarding incorporation of biodiversity and ecosystem services into the Performance Standards and to share good practice in risk management of biodiversity issues.
Climate ChangeCommonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA) and Export Development Canada (EDC)This Working Group engages with the International Finance Corporation regarding implementation of their climate change strategy into the Performance Standards and to share good practice in climate risk management practices.
Social RiskMUFG Bank, LtdThis Working Group is working to understand emerging practices in social risk management in project finance.