Reporting – Itaú Unibanco S.A. (2019)

Adoption Date:12 August 2004
Country of Headquarters:Brazil
Region of Headquarters:Latin America
Institutional Reporting Hyperlink:
Current EPFI Reporting Year/Period:2019
EPFI Reporting in Compliance:Yes

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Total number mandated in the reporting period: 0


Total number that reached financial close in the reporting period: 0


Total number that reached financial close in the reporting period: 0


The environmental and social affairs are strategically included in credit granting and Itaú has applied the Equator Principles for the past 15 years. When applying the Equator Principles, we are guided by international market best practices and focus our efforts on engaging all stakeholders in a robust, transparent due diligence, ensuring notable technical expertise, unquestionable independence of EP Reviewers and higher effectiveness in risk management. All projects financed under the scope of the Equator Principles, originated in Brazil or other Itau’s international units, are subject to the scrutiny of Itaú’s headquarters’ E&S technical team. In this case, the review begins by rating a project and the assessment process incorporates material and sensitive issues such as impact on traditional populations, climate change, and human rights, in accordance with the IFC Performance Standards, as well as assessing compliance with local legislation and the adoption of an environmental and social management system. In high and medium risk projects, it may be necessary to engage independent environmental and social consultants as a hiring and monitoring requirement.

In 2019, a new team was created within the compliance area to address the all the governance for the Environmental and Social Risk, adjusting the policies and procedures to address the new requirements of the Equator Principles. While the technical E&S Risk area is still the responsible for the evaluation of all the projects financed by Itaú.

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