Reporting – Banco de Galicia y Buenos Aires S.A. (2020)

Adoption Date:19 March 2007
Country of Headquarters:Argentina
Region of Headquarters:Latin America
Institutional Reporting Hyperlink:
Current EPFI Reporting Year/Period:2020
EPFI Reporting in Compliance:Yes

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Total number mandated in the reporting period: 0


Total number that reached financial close in the reporting period: 0


Total number that reached financial close in the reporting period: 0


Banco Galicia is commited to complying with Equator Principles, as part of it´s environmental policy in credit process.
In case of ” Project Finance ” Ecuador Principles apply as provided therein. For “Project related corporate loans” the Principles are a framework for analysis and management of environmental risk in all long-term credit operations, as long as the amount requested is equal to or more than u$s 20.000.000 (dolars). In these cases an assessment of the environmental and social risks of the project and the customer is required to evaluate their commitment, ability, behavior and record in relation to these issues. In cases classified as Equator Principles, the analyst must define the final categorization of the project according to the level of risk (A, B or C), then the environmental opinon is issued. If deemed appropiate or relevant for Equator Principles a monitoring plan will be implemented. For this cases analized monitoring evaluations will be conducted at least annually. Also environmental covenants are included in loan agreement.
All mentioned is applicable to new customers as well as new credit operations from existing customers.

Different areas at the Bank are involved in the process. Commercial staff are in contact with the client, gathering all relevant information and documents; Credits Area performs both credit and environmental risk analysis of operation; Credit Commitee makes final decision.

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