LBO France (First Year Implementation)

Adoption Date: 02 Mar 2020
Country of Headquarters: France
Region of Headquarters: Europe
Current EPFI Reporting Year/Period: 2021 (First Year Implementation)
Institutional Reporting: Link to Report


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Implementation of the Equator Principles

First year implementation – from 02/03/2020 (adoption date):

• Mandate of the Equator Principles Reviewers: within the energy infrastructure investment strategy, team Energea manages transactions that may be subject to the requirements of the EPs. In the team, the primary responsible for EPs application is our risk manager (Davide Parisse) who knows the EP well, having served in the EP Steering Committee in one of his past roles at ING Bank. Another junior staff member has been trained to the EP application during 2020;

• The respective roles of the Equator Principles Reviewers, business lines:
– Main reviewer: Risk Manager
– Business line: Energy Infrastructure investment strategy

• Management in the transaction review process;
– EP Guidance for loan documentation: applied to the transaction debt agreements
– Review process: Monitoring and reporting requirements set for each transaction on compliance with national E&S laws and regulation (transactions support assets operationg only in the EU for the time being, and in renewable energy and energy efficiency interventions only).

• The incorporation of the Equator Principles in its credit and risk management policies and procedures
– EP Guidance for loan documentation: applied to the transaction debt agreements

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