First Commercial Bank (First Year Implementation)

Adoption Date: 21 Dec 2020
Region of Headquarters: Asia-Oceania
Current EPFI Reporting Year/Period: 2021
Institutional Reporting: Link to Report


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Implementation of the Equator Principles

Implementation Procedure and Management Structure of the Equator Principles

To comply with the Equator Principles, First Commercial Bank established the “Guidelines for Loans Applicable to the Equator Principles” and relevant operating procedures. Furthermore, to suitably reduce potential credit risks, implement protective social and environmental measures, and adapt to the risks and opportunities arising from climate change, First Commercial Bank established the ” Environmental and Social Risk Team”, which executes environmental and social risk assessments, reviews and monitoring for loan application in accordance with “environmental/social risk assessment reports” and “environmental/social risk monitoring reports” issued by independent and qualified third-party institutions.

Comprehensive Internal Training

To help units familiarize themselves with the related mechanisms of the Equator Principles and added forms, First Commercial Bank appointed external consultants to organize training programs for senior executives, the Environmental and Social Risk Team, and business branches. These training programs intensify employees’ knowledge of the environmental and social risks.