Bank Sinopac (First Year Implementation)

Adoption Date: 27 Feb 2020
Region of Headquarters: Asia-Oceania
Current EPFI Reporting Year/Period: First Year Implementation
Institutional Reporting: Link to Report


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Implementation of the Equator Principles

Bank SinoPac’s “Corporate Credit Risk Management Division” is the dedicated unit responsible for establishing regulations relating to responsible lending and the EPs, and for planning a conducting ESG credit risk analysis. The Division continues to monitor trends in ESG risks of each industry and their impact on the Bank’s operations.

Bank SinoPac formally became a signatory to the Equator Principles (EPs) in February 2020, and established EPs related guidelines and operating procedures in 2020. Bank SinoPac announced the “Business Manual of Corporate Banking – Article 11th: The Equator Principles” within the Bank in June 2020 and smoothly transitioned to EP4, strengthening the management of human rights risks and climate change risks in the credit investigation and lending process for project financing.

Equator Principles Education and Training

Bank SinoPac completed 2 EPs training sessions in July 2020 and provided training to a total of 380 corporate banking personnel and credit review personnel and supervisors at domestic and overseas branches and subs in China. External consultants explained EPs evaluation standards and cases to ensure that employees follow international standards when evaluating the impact of project financing on the environment and society, and require clients to take suitable risk mitigation measures according to the EPs.

Further information on Bank SinoPac’s EP implementation is provided here and here.