Equator Principles Association to appoint first CEO

21 November, 2022 EP News

21 November 2022

The EP Steering Committee is pleased to announce that today we begin the process of recruiting our first ever CEO. We are working with Acre in a global search to find the right person to take on this key leadership role, alongside the Steering Committee, to deliver our strategic objectives.

The CEO will be charged with implementing the annual program of work set by the Steering Committee, supporting EPFIs and engaging with external stakeholders, whilst working closely with the Secretariat. This appointment forms part of wider moves towards a more sustainable structure that supports the ongoing development of the EPs and which reflects a membership of nearly 140 global financial institutions.

Please see the job advertisement here.

The CEO will be responsible for:

  • Leading key initiatives set by the EP Steering Committee in the annual work plan, including:
  • Supporting the Steering Committee on governance, management structure and other strategic management issues
  • Enhancing EP reporting, including production of ‘activity report’
  • Reviewing EP Guidance and delivering new thematic specific guidance and training
  • Engaging and overseeing the work of third-party service providers and consultants
  • Reviewing prospective EP adoptions and implementation of recent joiners
  • Supporting on external relations with various supranational bodies, regulators and CSOs, as required.
  • Identifying opportunities for EP to engage and influence wider E&S sector initiatives, and providing input, as appropriate

The role is flexible in terms of location and hours, the CEO will be expected to work the equivalent of 3-4 days per week but more when required.

Any specific questions about the role should be directed to the recruitment firm, Acre.

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