EP leadership change

7 February, 2024 EP News

Wednesday 7 February 2024 Amit Puri, Standard Chartered, has informed the EP Steering Committee that he is leaving his role at Standard Chartered and consequently also vacates his position as Chair, with immediate effect. The Steering Committee, on behalf of all EPFIs, thank Amit...

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Equator Principles 2023 Annual Meeting (6-8 November)

9 November, 2023 EP News

Thursday 9 November The Equator Principles Association held its 2023 Annual Meeting from 6-8 November in Washington DC. Over 125 people were able to attend the in-person meeting representing 60 Equator Principles Financial Institutions (EPFIs). This year marks 20 years of the Equ...

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20 years of Equator Principles

13 June, 2023 EP News

Tuesday 13 June  Last week, 4 June, was the 20-year anniversary of the Equator Principles (EP). We were very pleased to mark this occasion with the release of an anniversary report summarising our achievements over the last 20 years. At the time of our 10th anniversary in 2013,...

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EP Association CEO begins role

22 May, 2023 EP News

22 May 2023 Today is an exciting day for the Equator Principles – Max Griffin officially begins his role as EP Association CEO. ‘I am really pleased to today welcome Max as the new, and first ever, CEO of the EP Association. Over the last few years, the Steering Commi...

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EP appoints first CEO

27 February, 2023 EP News

Monday 27 February Today, the Steering Committee is very pleased to be able to announce a significant milestone for the Equator Principles. In late 2022, the EPA commenced a recruitment process to appoint our first CEO to deliver our work plan for the next 3 years. This role will...

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Equator Principles Association to appoint first CEO

21 November, 2022 EP News

21 November 2022 The EP Steering Committee is pleased to announce that today we begin the process of recruiting our first ever CEO. We are working with Acre in a global search to find the right person to take on this key leadership role, alongside the Steering Committee, to deliv...

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Open Response to BankTrack and Colleagues

9 November, 2022 EP News

9 November 2022 We thank BankTrack and the Women’s Earth and Climate Action Network (WECAN) joined by 25 Civil Society Organisations (“CSOs”) for their open letter dated 14 October 2022 and provide this response which has been reviewed by the Equator Principles ...

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Equator Principles Association launches new due diligence tools to enhance access to grievance mechanisms & enable effective remedy

25 October, 2022 EP News

25 October 2022 The Equator Principles Association (EPA) Steering Committee is today pleased to announce the release of a suite of tools to enhance access to effective grievance mechanisms & enable effective remedy. These tools have been developed by the EPA’s Operations Wo...

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Equator Principles 2022 Annual General Meeting (17-20 October) – Meeting Outcomes

24 October, 2022 EP News

The Equator Principles Association held its 2022 Annual General Meeting (AGM) from 17 – 21 October in Seoul, South Korea. Over 150 people were able to attend the meeting in-person or online representing 110 Equator Principles Financial Institutions (“EPFIs”). The Steering C...

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New Guidance published to support effective consistent application of EP

22 July, 2022 EP News

22 July 2022 Today the Equator Principles Association releases Guidance to support the effective consistent application of the Equator Principles (EP4). This Guidance responds to EPFIs requesting support with concise, practical tools and templates to make implementation of the EP...

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