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La Banque Postale Adopts the Equator Principles

October 15, 2019

Paris, France, October 15, 2019  Today La Banque Postale has become a signatory of the Equator Principles. To date, 98 international financial institutions in 37 countries are signatories of the Equator Principles. Read La Banque Postale’s Press Release in French

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Completion of external consultation on EP4 draft text

September 20, 2019

London, 20 September 2019 The recent external stakeholder consultation on the draft text of EP4 was conducted on behalf of the EPA by BSR. They have now completed the consultation process and their recommendations are with the Association for consideration as we look to finalise the text of EP4. The draft text of EP4 was released…

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Op Ed: The value of maintaining Equator Principles as a risk management framework

August 12, 2019

London, 12 August 2019 A review of the fourth version of the Equator Principles (EP4) is currently ongoing:  The deadline for comment on the draft of EP4 has been extended to 23 August. We greatly appreciate the level of engagement with a diverse range of stakeholders which has resulted in both positive feedback and constructive…

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Bank of Huzhou Adopts the Equator Principles

July 24, 2019

Huzhou, China, July 24th, 2019  Today Bank of Huzhou has become a signatory of the Equator Principles. Established in 1998, Bank of Huzhou is a local joint-stock commercial bank based in Zhejiang Province, China. Bank of Huzhou is an active green bank in China and is committed to implementing international best practices. In 2017, Bank of Huzhou…

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EP4 draft shared, stakeholder consultation begins

June 24, 2019

London, 24 June 2019 Following extensive internal review and consultation, as well as input from the initial round of public consultation, the draft text of Equator Principles 4 (EP4) is hereby released for consultation. It is intended that this draft text be used as the basis for a formal round of public consultation, led on behalf…

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Review of the Equator Principles – Phase IV – Progress Update

June 7, 2019

The EPA continues to make progress towards the development of updated Equator Principles ‘EP4’ text. The legal review of the draft text, conducted by Norton Rose Fulbright, has now been completed. The external stakeholder consultation phase has been delayed whilst we completed an enhanced internal consultation and approval processes, particularly on changes to Principle 5….

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Notice: Fake EPA website

May 21, 2019

London, 21 May 2019 The Equator Principles Association has been made aware of a website impersonating the Association. The impersonating site has released a fake version of EP4 and an incorrect message stating that three EPFIs have been de-listed for non-compliance. The Equator Principles’ official website is: (not .org or other). This should be referred to…

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NN Investment Partners adopts the Equator Principles

April 2, 2019

The Hague, 02 April 2019 Today NN Investment Partners (NN IP) has become a signatory of the Equator Principles. While the EPs have already played an important role in NN IP’s investment process in the past, their formal adoption also adds a reporting obligation. No funding will be granted to infrastructure and project finance investments that do not…

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Nippon Life Insurance Company Adopts the Equator Principles

April 1, 2019

Tokyo, April 1, 2019 Today Nippon Life Insurance Company has become a signatory of the Equator Principles. Nippon Life initiated full-scale engagement in overseas project finance in 2017. When making project finance decisions, Nippon Life recognizes that environmental and social factors can take on heightened importance given that projects that involve large-scale development could potentially have…

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Review of the Equator Principles – Phase IV

March 1, 2019

01 March 2019 Progress continues towards the development of an updated Equator Principles ‘EP4’ text. We are now finalising Phase III ‘Agreement with the EP Association membership and initial drafting of the EP4 targeted update’ and transitioning into Phase IV ‘Second round of stakeholder consultation’. This external stakeholder consultation phase will be somewhat delayed as…

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