The Equator Principles: A Call to Action

London - November 2004 - London Bullion Market Association, Gerard Holden

I hope that many of you reading this article will have heard of the Equator Principles. But for those who have not – and who haven’t had the misfortune of sitting through one of my speeches at yet another conference in some delightful tropical location – the Equator Principles are a series of guidelines designed to help financial institutions manage environmental and social issues in mining. Originally adopted in April 2003 by four institutions – ABN Amro, Barclays, Citibank and WestLB – the list of financial institutions adopting the Equator Principles now totals 27. Editorial Comment by Gerard Holden, Managing Director, Mining & Metals, Barclays Capital. Read more 


EIB Subscribes to the Equator Principles for Projects Outside the European Union

Luxembourg - 28 May 2004

The European Investment Bank (EIB) is a public institution driven by the policy objectives of the European Union (EU). The Bank finances projects that protect and improve the natural and built environment and promote social well-being in the interests of sustainable development. The EIB takes a proactive approach to lending for the environment, guided by European Union environmental policies, some of the strictest and best developed in the World. In its activities, as an EU body, the Bank works closely with other EU institutions.

The EIB finances projects that help directly to improve and protect the environment. When financing other kinds of investment, the Bank supports action that minimizes any adverse environmental impacts. By applying EU environmental policies as its benchmark, the Bank’s approach to safeguarding the environment is at least equivalent to international good practice, such as the “Equator Principles” (2003). Approved by the Board of Directors, 5 May 2004.