E.Sun Bank Adopt the Equator Principles

Taipei, 28 December 2015

In an effort to protect the environment for the next generation, E.Sun Bank adopted the Equator Principles (EP) today (28 December 2015), becoming the 82nd Equator Principles Financial Institution (EPFI) in the world, and will leverage its expertise and influence to protect its beautiful homeland.

As an EPFI, E.Sun Bank will enhance its environmental and social assessment processes for  project finance loan  evaluation, to ensure the approved loan project will not have significant potential risk or negative impact on the environment and society” said Joseph Huang, President of E.Sun Bank.

E.Sun has taken various initiatives in CSR, such as incorporating the ideas of EP into its lending policy and introducing terms to support its business values on CSR in 2014.

The Bank’s assets and resources mainly derive and accumulate from public sources, therefore, in addition to generating revenue from its core business, it should fulfill its corporate social responsibilities. By adopting the EP and through collaboration with clients in project finance, E.Sun will seek to balance business development and social and environmental sustainability.

In 2015, E.Sun Bank received numerous domestic and international awards and recognition, including  being listed in the Dow Jones Sustainability World Index, the first ever financials in Taiwan; Digital Champion in Asiapac award by Gartner, and Best Domestic Bank Award by Asiamoney and The Asset.

E.Sun will continue to work with clients and partners to make the world better in the future.

Equator Principles

The EP is a risk management framework, adopted voluntarily by financial institutions, for determining, assessing and managing environmental and social risk in projects. It was launched in 2003 and currently there are 82 Equator Principles Financial Institutions (including E.Sun Bank).


玉山銀行簽署「赤道原則」 邁向永續經營

為了讓我們的生存環境更美好,讓下一代持續享有青山綠水的大自然,玉山銀行於今(28)日正式簽署「赤道原則」(Equator PrinciplesEP),成為全球簽署赤道原則82家金融機構的一員,以金融業的專業及影響力,共同呵護我們美麗的家園。



2015年玉山榮獲許多國內外大獎的肯定,成為台灣金融業首家入選DJSI「道瓊永續世界指數」成份股的企業,勇奪Gartner「亞太區最佳數位金融獎」,並分別榮獲AsiamoneyThe Asset「台灣最佳銀行」等。展望未來,玉山將繼續努力,與顧客及夥伴共同合作,一起讓我們的社會更溫暖、讓環境更美好。

赤道原則 (Equator Principles)